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Part 92, The True Way Replaces Religion

"Now, My Children, let us ponder the state of the world as you see it around you, and think together about the things that are needed to make it a better place. You see, this is the way we approach things over here, in dimensions and levels of energy vibration that are right here, in the same space where you walk and talk and work and sleep, here just beyond your 3D perception. Yes, we see you clearly. We can even hear your thoughts - especially the ones which are carried on the waves of emotion. You can hear us speaking to you, if you open your hearts and your minds, and especially if you move into the Center of Operations in your brain where all your senses join forces in a higher vibrational frequency. So, let us put our heads together and make a plan for a better world.

"What are the things you see now, in recent days, which indicate clearly the changes that are necessary if your civilization is to rise to a place where all people can leave in harmony, and without desperate poverty or starvation? What will allow people to live with dignity and freedom? What will allow young people to grow up at peace with themselves, rather than angry and alienated enough to want to kill their family members, and even people they don't even know?

"These are difficult questions, are they not? What is really wrong with your society? Why is it so hard to pinpoint the causes of these terrible events? Why, in a culture of such prosperity and abundance is there such disparity between rich and poor, and why is there such rage among both rich and poor? Why has this rage reached down even to the very young, who viciously attack each other behind the anonymity of their electronic devices to such an extent that we hear of suicide by social media gang warfare almost weekly? 

"On the face of it, there seems to be no one answer to why the level of hostility and fear continues to rise, no matter what bullying programs schools try to implement, and no matter what level of education or family status the perpetrators and victims come from. Yes, traditionally violence and the ghetto seemed to grow together, but this is no longer the simple answer. College campuses have become as vulnerable as inner cities, and no amount of security or police presence seems to quell the violence. In many parts of the world, religion, not economic disadvantage sparks the most hostile conflicts.

"The answer, My Children, is hidden in plain sight. The single cause of all these examples of malaise and unrest is the lack of spiritual nourishment and connection to something greater than one's self. Difficult parents, or poverty, or bullying at school do not alone lead a person to madness. It is the loneliness that does it. A life without a connection to the Unconditional Love of your Creators is a life without uplifting joy. You are taught that a doting and considerate lover can provide all the affection and love a person could need, or that the love of attentive parents is all a child needs for a successful start in life. It is not true. A life without the deepest connection to the Heart of Mother Gaia and to the world of Spirit is a life without an anchor. 

"Modern religions teach outwardly imposed discipline and guilt, or even self-indulgence and self-importance, but few provide even a hint of real examples of the joys of living a life of service to the community. Money contributions replace real involvement with others, and one hour a month is considered 'community service.' Religious services frequently focus on achieving personal prosperity and abundance, without regard for the cost in suffering to Mother Gaia or to others whose lives will be impoverished by the actions of the prosperous few.

"You, My Children, are beginning to awaken to the empty promise of material rather than spiritual pursuits. You are souls first, material bodies only for a short time. This material existence was never intended to take the place of fulfilling your spiritual path in this life. Rather, it was provided for you as a way to strive for higher levels of spiritual understanding and Grace. As we have said before, earning is not living. Only through intensive engagement with your Guides and with Us will you learn to recover your balance and begin to lose the fear of engaging with each other in deep and meaningful ways. We can help you to shrug off the destructive religious and cultural teachings which have, literally, driven you all to the edge of madness. Yes, all of you.

"The levels of anxiety and depression, even among Lightworkers, is still tragic. You are working against the tide of prejudice and contempt from your fellow humans who largely hold this work in great disdain, thinking they are more successful, more important and more valuable because of their worldly pursuits and their 'scientific' skepticism. It is helpful to gather in likeminded communities to celebrate and share your rituals of gratitude and thanksgiving, but when you reach out to include your less initiated neighbors, you are again reminded of the scorn, distaste or at least indifference with which you are seen by the population at large, especially those who consider themselves 'believers!' We will declare here, that if they are not expressing Love and acceptance, then whatever it is they believe in, it is not spirituality, it is not about Us, and it has nothing to do with the True Way.

"Let us call it that, My Dear Ones. The True Way is the simple pursuit of greater Love, Compassion, Forgiveness, Empathy, Gratitude, Sensitivity to others, Appreciation for the conscious, living Mother Gaia, and dedication to the great project which is the Co-Creation with Us, the Legions of Light, of the New Gaia, based on your continuing, glorious Ascension to higher vibrational levels. This process of learning, sharing, loving and growing is the Path of Light which you all came here to walk. It has been a time of Darkness and forgetfulness on Planet Earth, even as you thought you were moving toward great scientific proofs and earth-shattering discoveries. But those discoveries are incomplete, empty without the true story behind the story. It is our Co-Creation with you, Beloved Ones, which is the real miracle, and the real essence of Truth which will bring you peace of mind, security and contentment.

"Do not be afraid to acknowledge what you know in your Heart: that a stripped down, simple meditation practice without fanfare or trappings is the most effective road to connection with your Higher Self, and by extension, with Us. Towering cathedrals are a nice place to experience the resonance of thousands of years of devotion etched into the stones, but a mountainside holds the same or greater vibrational inspiration. A simple room or a blanket spread on the grass, or a fallen log in the forest amply provides a setting for the most intimate connection with Gaia and with Us. It is this connection: Gaia, God and You which make up the Trinity of Faith and companionship which provides an abundance of Love and Peace, without which life is barren and empty. Striving each day for that connection is the practice we call The True Way. This, and being of service to others are the only practices needed to live a rich and full life, abundant with the kind of fulfillment which cannot be found anywhere else. 

"With this we leave you to ponder how you will use these understandings to do your part to change the way the sorry world is suffering, and how you will bring Light and Love to those who are still hypnotized by the old ways of pursuing money rather than the genuine wealth which is being One with each other and with Us.

We love you one and all,

Mother/Father God and the Legions of Light"

Via Kathryn May, Jan. 25, 2013, 10 pm.

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