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Part 97, Explaining Where These Annoying Challenges Come From

"Some of you have a misconception about how we encourage and send Love to our children. There is a misunderstanding about how and why we do that. We send Unconditional Love, as we mentioned yesterday, to all beings, on Gaia and elsewhere, because it is what we feel toward the Creations of our Heart. It does not matter whether they are young souls or old, whether they are embodied as mouse or human, or whether they are Ascended Masters or beginners on their soul path. It is not a reward or a gift, or something we dole out to the deserving few. We love all equally because that is what we do; it is who we are. 

"Loving equally does not mean we simply send out blasts of love energy to blanket the Universe, although we do do that sometimes, as in the Ascension energy around December 21. In addition to those extra focused energy flows, we send our Love/Light to individuals, shaped and delivered in the intensity we see as most appropriate for them, at the level they are most likely to be able to absorb it. Thus, entities who are at a higher vibration level are able to absorb higher levels of Light energy, increasing their own vibratory power incrementally, as they grow and elevate along their soul path. 

"So, you see, we are aware of each one's needs and abilities, and provide accordingly. However, this is not the end of the story. Some of our efforts to send just the right loving message to one of our children may fall on deaf ears, as you might say. If a heart is closed, we do not beat down the door. That would be transgressing our free will contract. We will continue to send Love, whether it is received or not, for eternity. 

"This is part of the lessons of the True Way. We wish to teach you about Unconditional Love and Light, so that you can learn to live in the stance which generates it. It is our hope that all our children will eventually evolve to join with us in the pure state of Light which is One. For each of you, this means practicing the actions which generate Light in yourself, continuing that practice throughout your life to make the most of this experience in a body.

"Next, we will address the issue of finding your way down the dark alley which surrounds you when life seems to close in on you, bringing you one curve ball after another. It can be a discouraging time when three things or more seem to go wrong all at the same time. No, it does not mean that someone in the spirit world has put a hex on you, or you have a backlog of negative karma that needs to be worked off. Not at all. Events in life flow along currents of energy, sometimes faster, sometimes slower. Like New York City buses, there may be a long time between them, then suddenly a bevy of them appears all at once. There is another possibility which is more difficult to explain. When you contract to come to this life, you agree to a certain number of challenges, unpleasant encounters, emotional upheavals and inconveniences, to test your mettle and hone your skills. Your Guides and your Greater Soul may design challenges to arrive at your doorstep in such a way as to maximize the impact, and therefore the learning potential without actually doing any damage to your overall flow of life. 

"We will repeat here that there are no lifetimes on Gaia which simply go smoothly without a challenge or a painful emotional experience. That is not why souls come here - to take a vacation from learning. Gaia is known across the Universe as one of the most difficult assignments, and therefore an effective training ground. All souls are ambitious in their plans when they are designing a life of optimum potential for learning. This is one of the reasons why the guidance of a Master is beneficial in the planning stage, to prevent overly difficult lifelines which might defeat the person rather than teach them. It is a careful process, this choosing how much to push, and how much to allow for breathing room. Usually, the most difficult lives are assigned to the most ambitious souls who may want to attempt to evolve as quickly as possible. We do not recommend this for young souls; it takes experience and a strong heart to withstand a truly abusive childhood followed by an adulthood of deprivation. There may also be situations where a soul from another galaxy may request almost any life that is available, as long as it meets their basic needs. Lifetimes on Gaia are in finite supply, you see, and so it is a precious opportunity - one that should not be taken for granted or wasted.

"You may begin to see after contemplating this description that it makes no sense from a spiritual point of view to complain or be depressed about the conditions of your life, or how difficult the trials you face. At any time, you have the opportunity to mitigate the destructive effects of the contracted challenges by living out the principles of the Universal Law of Flow and the Law of Attraction. You will bring into your life what you ask for when you go out to be of service to others, and you will attract to yourself the kind of energy you express toward the world. In this way, you may experience the planned obstacles, but they will be accompanied by heartwarming friendship, abundant help, and other positive influences.

"This is some of the fundamental background knowledge which will make sense of the guidelines we are giving you to explain The True Way. It is important to understand the effect of your own actions on the outcome of every day, every lifetime on Gaia. There is an old saying, 'You reap what you sow.' It is true, and it is a good illustration of the truths behind The True Way: there is no punishment, there is only the Universal flow, which runs in every direction at once, and which responds by giving you more of what you are currently concentrating on and putting into action, positive or negative. This is why we often tell our children to think creatively and act positively regardless of what fears or doubts you might be having. The actions carry more weight.

"Continue to assess your feelings to root out all negativity and naysaying, for this is the source of much of the Darkness in life. Take actions every day to be of service to others, and envision your dreams every day. Make small steps in the direction of accomplishing your Dream every day, even if it is making lists of what you will need to bring your Dream to life. And do not forget, ever, that we are here by your side, acknowledging every triumph, no matter how small, and feeling your pain when you fall.

We are eternally your Mother/Father God"

Via Kathryn May, Jan. 30, 11:30 pm

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