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Part 96, God Advocates for Sex, and Forgiveness

"We are delighted to see how many of you are reading our messages every day, starting your day with a smile, we hope. Our intention is to give you reasons to feel relief - that the things you suspected all along are true - and happiness knowing that living a good and rewarding life is much less about sex and money, and much more about being with the people you love and enjoying it. Well, let's rephrase that. Let's say it's about more sex with the one you love and less about money.

"We do enjoy scandalizing our readers once in a while with our jokes about sex, because so many of you have been taught such ridiculously rigid rules about how life should be lived in regard to sexuality. It takes the gift of physical delight out of the realm of passion and love and categorizes it as if it is a commodity to be traded or 'given' to someone as a favor, or worse yet, as a sin. No, we do not consider sex between two consenting adults to be a sin. In some cases it might be a mistake, but we would not call it a sin. Of course we do not endorse sexual behavior between an adult and a child, ever. That is not really sexuality; it is a power play on the part of the adult, and you already know how we feel about abuses of power. When a child is involved, it is a truly destructive act, one which leaves the child feeling overwhelmed, confused, and shamed. As we said, this is not sex.

"We do thoroughly enjoy seeing the bright light which is generated when two people in love find each other in the physical expression of love. It is the entry into higher dimensional feelings, opening the gateway of the heart to communion with the soul and with those of us in the spirit world. It is the time when two bodies and two souls meet on a higher plane than the ordinary 3-dimensional life they share the rest of the time. Since you have now risen to the 4th dimensional plane, you may find that your lovemaking is becoming even more ecstatic, and that the warm feelings carry through the rest of your days in a more tangible way. We wish to encourage you to focus more on the delights of being a sexual being and less on the pursuit of power and money.

"You see, sexuality is intimately woven with the energy of Creation. As human beings, the act of love-making which leads to the creation of a child is a sacred act, one to be appreciated for the tremendous power it carries. This does not however, mean that every sexual act is intended for reproduction alone. That would be absurdly limiting, and we do not place limits of any kind on our children. There is magic in the loving expression, and there is wonder in the creation of a child who will provide the opportunity for a soul to join in the marvelous journey of living on Gaia. We do not insist that every fetus should be brought into life where the conditions are not sufficient for the child to thrive and for the parents to nurture the child and provide at least the minimum of what it needs to survive. We have given you free will so that you can make your own choices about what is right for you, and when.

"Many in your culture have argued loudly for a ban on any abortion, and even any birth control measures. We are sorry to see such misuse of our name. We have also been blamed for wanting a woman who has been raped to be forced to bear the child of her attacker. This is simply an arrogant excuse for brutality toward women, since only women can become pregnant. It is a shadow from the Middle Ages, rising up to haunt the vulnerable and innocent among you. These are the last ditch efforts of the Dark Hats to foment cruelty and promote unwarranted punishment on those who are weaker than themselves. They are unwittingly doing their part to illustrate the ignorance of their prejudices and to reveal at last to the world just how insane these ideas really are. Do not worry that they will gain ultimate power. Do your parts to stop such discussions, and be sure to vote these people out of office as soon as possible, but do not believe in their power to persuade or to win out in the public forum. The time for witch-burning and slavery is past.

"Remember, it was the people who instigated the burning of innocent women who claimed to be doing God's work. There is a simple 'litmus test' if you are not sure about whether a person who says they are speaking for Us is truly hearing our words or the rantings of their own ego. If the proclamations and pronouncements they make result in suffering, discomfort and discord, and if they are designed to put themselves up as judge and jury over others, then they certainly do not speak for Us. Even with the most destructive of the Dark Hats, we would welcome them Home with open arms if they choose to turn toward the Light. This is all we wish for: that you each find your way back to us, to our Unconditional Love. We will help you to recover, to heal and to begin again to follow the path of Light, as was the original plan for all of you.

"We do not condemn those who go astray, no matter how far. Whatever the results of their transgressions against others, we know that those others who were hurt by their actions will come back to Us to be comforted and nourished, healed in the Light. It is not the victims who suffer endlessly; it is the Fallen Ones. And so, we continue to send our Love to them, even as they rape and pillage, because we know that only Love can heal an angry heart and bring a lost soul back to life. 

"Our Universal plan is to see all of our children, regardless of their missteps or mistaken ideas, return to our open arms. Often it is the most extreme transgressions which lead a lost child to return Home for forgiveness, and that forgiveness allows them to truly take responsibility for their own actions. When they review their lives and feel what others felt under their destructive hand, they grieve, and from that grief grows compassion. Eventually that compassion gives birth to the resolve to make up for their Dark ways. In that process is created a champion for Truth and Love. These are sometimes the ones who eventually become our strongest Masters and brightest Angels.

"So you see, we are the ones who keep the Home fires burning brightly, who celebrate your growth, however and whenever it is achieved, and will love you unconditionally, until the last soul is united as One.

We are Mother/Father God"

Via Kathryn May, Jan. 29, 2013, 11:30 pm

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