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Part 94, God and St. Germain discussing Their Talk Show Appearance, New Life on Gaia, and the Trust Fund for Earth's People

"Today was an exciting time for us, because we were able to share the air on a radio talk show with Kathryn, her co-host Ellen, and many listeners and callers who called in to ask us questions. St. Germain and I took turns giving a brief introduction to who we are and what we do, and there will be much more to tell in the coming weeks. We hope that many people will bring their friends to hear us present the teachings of the True Way, which will provide a guide for those of you who have become disillusioned or just plain sick of the rigid, authoritarian teachings of religions as they are presented today.

"We know that there are many of you who are searching, trying to understand what will replace the traditional religious teachings; how are you to explain the world around you, if not through the lens of a prescribed set of rules? It has been a difficult time for thinking people, people of the Heart, because it has been obvious to you that the angry, judgmental ravings you hear from so-called evangelical sects are taking it upon themselves to enter politics in order to invade people's lives with their oppressive and irrational belief systems. 

St. Germain: "The connection between religion and politics is of particular interest to me. I have seen the suffering caused by leaders who believe it is God's will that they enslave others in the name of the throne. It has been done for centuries, and is today being played out in countries around the world, where the issue has still not been settled. It is still not obvious to everyone that good governance is a result of having people of Light in the positions of responsibility, and that being a person of Love and Light is not bestowed by belonging to any religion, regardless of what it is. Since, as God said in his talk today, there is no religion which teaches the True Way, there is no religion which deserves to become the set of laws which governs a people. 

God: "Thank you, dear Germain. You are eloquent in these matters, and we are grateful for your thousands of years of service to humankind and to Gaia's people.

"We believe that the opportunity to present these matters to the people in a way that will offer real answers to their present-day questions will help at this time of transition. Gaia has ascended into 4D, and her people need to learn to leave behind the old ways of thinking - thinking that is embedded in fear, shame and the expectation of lack. It will take some time for this to change. Even in the presence of oceans of Love energy washing across the planet, many do not notice that things have changed, but go on seeing the world through the lens of the heavy, dark energies they were accustomed to.

St Germain: "How often do we hear people complain, as the caller did today, that everything seems so uphill, so difficult to struggle against the greed and forces of power. They have been right, of course, but the vision of struggling against the Dark Ones alone and without the wherewithal to succeed is no longer the way of the world. There may be left-over struggles, the residue of past confusion, but now, in 2013, the Veil has lifted and the energies have risen considerably. You will no longer find yourselves, as Sisyphus did, pushing a boulder up a hill, unless you choose to do so.

God: "Yes, that is true. The time of those kinds of struggles are behind you. As the Light/Love quotient increases, so does your burden lighten, whatever that burden might be. Look outward, Children. Breathe into your third eye to ease the pain and un-furrow your brow. Help is on the way, and no one will be left behind, because St. Germain is a champion for freedom and true democracy - the democracy of equals helping other equals to live joyful and productive lives. The current dog-eat-dog philosophy which holds sway in the Western world is not democracy as we see it. As long as any individual, man woman or child, is given short shrift, a country cannot claim to be democratic. As long as one disabled veteran has to beg on the streets, you cannot claim to be anything but barbaric. 

St Germain: ..."and until everyone has a comfortable place to sleep and a satisfying dinner at the end of their day, you cannot claim to be a civilized country. I have lived many lives on Gaia, as a champion for the causes of which we speak, and I have seen abominable arrogance and greed on the part of highly respected and powerful people. What sort of culture honors the abuse of power? What sort of person subscribes to the belief that they are entitled to more than others have, just because they can claim to hold a title or occupy a chair in a large corporation that mints money by polluting the planet, or enslaving children in far places to produce their products? What world is this? Well, we are happy to tell you that this world is gone, over, done for. It is only a matter of unwinding the tentacles and releasing the parasites to be swept away in the winds, as Gaia cleanses herself, and the people rise again to the promise of peace on Earth and plenty of joy to go around.

God:"And so it will be. The Legions of Light, the Archangels and all the Masters and Guides are working with us to help Gaia, and all the other planets and stars in the Universe to ascend in harmony with all the others. It is a plan for heavenly cooperation, peace and justice on the scale of the Multiverse, and Gaia is inspiring the rest with her grand plan to elevate with all the beings who inhabit her land and waters. This ambitious plan is being co-created with all who share her abundance, and will continue to evolve to higher levels as each individual raises their own level of vibration, thereby adding to the great concert of Joy and Light which awaits you.

St. Germain: "Yes, Dear Ones, and before we go, let me offer you a little 'tease' about what is coming soon. As some of you might know, when I was here in body, I established a trust fund, funded by great stores of gold and precious jewel - more than you can even begin to imagine. This fund has been held by several trustworthy families, who have guarded it and followed my wishes that it be overseen in such a way that it could grow by quietly taking profit from the robber barons who were robbing and squeezing the governments of the world in their financial grip. You see, it does help to have multi-dimensional Vision. 

"The fund, which was established some 7 generations ago, is now worth more than all the bank and all the GDP of the planet combined. We will soon begin distributing this wealth, first through proven non-profit agencies which work for the greater good, and later directly to every man, woman and child on the planet. Yes, it is a daunting task, but one we can accomplish and will accomplish, with careful concern that we do not destroy all the world's markets and structures suddenly. Our pledge is also the Hippocratic oath: First, do no harm. You can be sure we are more than eager to see prosperity return to every corner of the Earth, as it once was long ago.

God: "We wish to give this message to all, so that each and every one of you can hold your heads high, grasp the hand of your neighbor, and jump for joy, for there will truly be manna from heaven to be shared by all. Then it will be your part to keep that equality, and help it to take root as the True Way of life on Gaia. We know it will take time, and there will be those who will try to regain their old status, whether it be as Emperor or underdog, but we see you working every day to overcome old habits and old ways, and we commend you for that.

"Dare to dream, Children, and dream your way to taking part in the most glorious transition ever to be witnessed in the Universe. We look forward to speaking with you next week, and to answering your questions in person.

St. Germain: "And I will be honored to join you, our Beloved Creators.

"We will continue to send you these messages to read. Pass the on to as many as possible. This is how we tip the scales toward the Light for all the planet.

Mother/Father God, and St. Germain, until tomorrow."

Via Kathryn May, Jan. 27, 2013, 11 pm

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