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Part 91, What It's Like on the Planets of Sirius

"Tonight we're going to talk about the wondrous and amazing things happening across the Universe, as We promised yesterday.

"Perhaps you would like to know what life is like in other star systems. (K: Yes!)
All right, let's start with the Sirius folks, who are closely related to you on Gaia, genetically, as well as historically. You see, souls from Sirius find it convenient and rather easy to adapt to human Earth bodies, although the heavy atmosphere and the difficult cultural conditions are more of a challenge.

"I told you yesterday that your President is here as a visitor from Sirius, but this is not his first sojourn in a body here on Gaia. Others among you are also here to help out because of the historic event of Ascension on Gaia, as we have mentioned. The one who types these words was not aware of her ancient Sirian roots until now, but we will reveal that now. In her travels she has found many of her fellows, and is naturally attracted to other Sirians, because of the higher vibrational quality they emanate. Her friend and collaborator, Amos Gunsberg, was also of Sirian origin.

"So, you see, it is not a case of welcoming little green ET's into your life when we talk of intergalactic cooperation, although that is also a possibility. We will begin with the ones who are similar enough for you to relate to as brothers and sisters.

"Sirius, as you call it, is not a single planet or sun. It is a system of heavenly bodies, interconnected as your solar system is, by energy forces which interact and interconnect the planets and suns of the large cluster. There have been nine 'habitable' planets within the Sirius system, although there are only four currently in use by those who have been in human form. This is similar to the planets in your solar system, which have been populated in past eons by various souls in lower dimensional forms like your 3D Earth beings. We include here all forms of all the Kingdoms of the land, sea, air and also the interiors of the planets.

"Let us take for example the Planet Martran, or in ancient days, Marlatrania, as it was called by the Sirians. Martran is larger than Earth - almost half again the size of your planet, but contains large arid plateaus which are hot in daytime and cold at night, with little groundwater or rainfall. There are smaller ocean areas on Martran, carefully protected resources which were a major food source over millennia, and now seen as a precious pleasure spots available to all citizens for recreation and play. There are forests, rivers and meadows as you know on Gaia, and mountain ranges, but they are less accessible and less forested than your beautiful Rockies, Alps and Himalayas.

"The Sirian people from all the planets in the confederation consider themselves a united people, organized in a collaborative, interconnected Federation of Sirian States, as it would be called in English. They elect a group of nine Commanders to oversee the governance of their network. Their elections are based on a democratic one-person, one-vote runoff system which allows for the candidates to be acknowledged in descending order, producing a clear mandate for those with the most support to be recognized as the Leading Lights. Your dear Commander has been recognized as a consistent favorite for many years, in your time, and is now on leave of absence for a short time to tend to the demands of his leadership on Gaia, although he is in daily contact with his Sirian counterparts. The level of cooperation and cordiality among leaders of Sirius is a sharp contrast to your 2-party wrangling on Gaia. When I tell you about daily life there you will begin to understand why.

"Sirius has been inhabited by beings of evolving genetic makeup for many millions of years, as compared to your 100,000 or so years on Gaia. They have experienced an extended period of 3-D duality, although it was slightly different than what you have experienced in the past. You see, every civilization, every planetary experience has been an experiment of sorts in which the beings involved have co-created their evolution to fit their own expectations of what would provide the optimal learning experience for advancement on their soul paths. Therefore, no two planets or star systems have evolved in exactly the same way (as they might have been had We, the Creators, designed and implemented the conditions ourselves). Various systems over the eons have requested varying degrees of free will, as they ascended to higher dimensional planes in their evolution.

"Sirius went through many struggles and shifts, in environmental conditions and methods of governance, including long periods of war and discord before they were able to reach the stable Light-filled existence they enjoy now. As their planets and stars when through the process of ascension, there were great upheavals and mass extinctions similar to those on Gaia, until their technology developed, with the help of Brothers and Sisters from other advanced star systems, to such a degree that they could move comfortably between neighboring planets and eventually neighboring galaxies.

"Because the privilege of experiencing free will was withheld - by mutual consent - until souls had reached the ability to function in the 5th dimension and higher, their progress was not hampered as profoundly as yours by the presence of Dark forces who could win over free will beings who were still in lower dimensional levels of development. Although this allowed for a less chaotic process than the oppression-revolution-oppression-revolution struggles you have experienced on Gaia, it also did not provide the dramatically intense soul challenges which have honed souls who venture to embody on Gaia.

"It was for this reason that the Sirian Federation took part in the seeding of human genetic material on Gaia, in order to prepare opportunities for embodiment in human form on the new young planet as an alternate learning environment for them. Similar participation occurred with Pleiadians and others. It is an important rite of passage for Ascended Masters to have experienced one or more lifetimes on Gaia as part of their spiritual preparation.

"In this present era, Sirius is populated by souls who have all ascended past the 3D level, and so their physical needs are far different from yours. For instance, there is no need to provide for the massive nutritional needs or physical necessities you experience. Their health is perfect, allowing for lifetimes of 1,000 years or more if they wish. They are capable of time and space travel, instant manifestation of anything they want or need, and telepathic communication across the Universe. Their current mission is to be of service to others who are in the process of learning to ascend to higher spiritual levels. These responsibilities also serve as part of their own continuing spiritual growth, since it is understood in higher dimensions that the ascension process is ongoing.

"We depart tonight with a special thought for the day: What is your Dream? What contribution do you wish to make to leave the world better than you found it? How will you take the first step to reach that goal? Now, begin, Dear Ones,

Your loving Yahweh"

Via Kathryn May, Jan 24, 11 pm

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