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Part 90, News About Our Visitors From Space, and an Invitation to Talk in Person

"We will tell you something about what is going on in the rest of the Universe, if you would like to know. (K: yes.) All right then, here is just a small part of the news from 'out there.' We will begin with your atmosphere, just beyond your eyesight. 

"This week was an enormous celebration on more than just your planet, for the President you inaugurated is known far beyond your shores. He is one of the Council of Nine, the leaders of the Sirius star system, well liked and admired for his steady hand and deep commitment to justice. It was exhilarating to watch the outpouring of Love, there in the Capital as hundreds of thousands watched and waved their flags. All around your planet, standing watch as a protective cloak of Love, was the Ashtar Command. Their numbers now approach one million; that is how interesting and compelling this time on Gaia is for visitors from afar.

"You can imagine the uproar in the Sirian ships when their dear brother was sworn in, and when he gave his ringing speech, a declaration of the ideals and intentions he came here to help manifest. Yes, of course there were those who tried to criticize and pretend there was something other than glorious about his message, but their protestations sound sillier and sillier with each passing day. The people are with our dear Barack, as you know him, and the energy produced on that day will carry forward in very important ways, giving him greater latitude to present new ideas and to hold a firm line with the cranky opponents who wish to defeat him at any cost. You can be assured we are standing by his side and protecting him at every turn.

"Soon there will be a public acknowledgement of the presence of so-called alien spaceships, and recognition that your government and many others have been in contact with them for some time. This will open the possibility for open collaboration. The Ashtar Command has come here, after all, to protect Gaia from any interference from those galactic troublemakers who still roam the Universe, bent on Dark conquests. Their power is waning throughout the Multiverse, as the forces of Light have united very effectively to protect the more vulnerable planets. Yes, there are still reptilian forces in other places - the same sort that have caused so much Darkness and pain on Gaia, but in some ways it has served to spur the Intergalactic Council of Light on to forge closer and more effective alliances throughout the Multiverse.

"So, you see my Dear Children, you are about to enter an age - we hope this very year - in which you will join with your Star Brothers and Sisters in an open and joyful collaboration which will be of great benefit to Planet Earth. You have been recognized as a Planet in Ascension, an honored tradition which many of them have experienced, but not in exactly the same way as you are doing. In the past there has been less synchrony between the planet and her people. For instance, as planets in the Sirius system ascended, their inhabitants were either swept away in the upheaval, as your civilizations have experienced in the past, or the more advanced populations traveled to other planets around the Universe to resettle during the Great Shifts. There have long been Sirian souls among you, fellow travelers with common goals. This experiment you have embarked on, to co-create with your young Mother Gaia in order to elevate together - the entire human race of Gaia along with Gaia herself - has never been attempted before, as we have said. And so, it is not only attracting Intergalactic and interdimensional attention, but is serving as the vortex which is emanating Light outward, creating ripples that are felt as uplifting and inspiring to all the Beings of all the Kingdoms of Light. 

"You have all heard the story about the butterfly landing on a flower in China which creates the stirring of the breeze that is felt on the other side of the world. Such it is with your adventure here, but the world we speak of now is far greater than you ever imagined. They are here to share with you, to give from their hearts to their dear little Brothers and Sisters. You see, they are all somewhat farther along in their spiritual and technological development than you are at this moment, because they have been working at it longer, but this is a blessing for you, because it means they have already resolved many of the thorny issues you are facing now and have learned to live in Love and Light. They have no need to conquer; they feel great fulfillment in being of service to you, and wait until you see what they have to give you! It will be Christmas all year long, as your scientists and theirs collaborate to develop technologies which will elevate the conditions on your dear planet ten-fold. 

"We foresee a glorious experiment in change which will be carefully adapted to your particular conditions and needs, while maintaining a gradual pace which will not be chaotic or severely disruptive. It will be like all the Olympic productions combined, merging creativity, sound, lights, music, new architecture, entirely new energy systems and above all, international and intergalactic cooperation. There will be a need for talented people in all walks of life to share in the creation of New Gaia: teachers, farmers, merchants, chefs, technical and scientific specialists, gardeners, butchers, bakers and lighting designers. Let your minds run free; see yourself joyfully taking part in the rebuilding and redesigning of cities to create human-nurturing environments. Imagine yourself breathing the sweet-smelling air of a planet without any pollution, where the rivers run clean and clear and the only garbage produced is carried out to the garden as compost and bird food. 

"You will be offered the best help from experts in every field, but we know this will require an open-hearted attitude on the part of your population. It will be tempting for many to respond with old ingrained habits like jealous turf-wars and paranoia about losing your power to someone you might see as an authority figure and therefore the enemy. This is why it is so important for you now to begin to clear away all old tendencies to want to control and protect as you did in the mentality of insufficiency. Having lived in a world where those in power used their influence to steal from others, you have been conditioned to fear strangers, hang on to what you have, and only share with your closest family members, if at all. All this is changing, and will require more rapid change as the time comes to meet your new neighbors.

"We have told the story of the firmament beyond your atmosphere as it relates to you directly because your recent Ascension to the 4th dimension has captured the rapt attention of all. In future messages we will give you a larger picture with some news from other galaxies and star systems beyond the view of your most powerful telescopes. There is much to tell, and if you are willing to suspend judgment completely and hear about the wonders your scientists have only dreamed about, we will tell you some interesting stories you will be able to tell your grandchildren.

"We have now completed a ninety-day run, bringing you a message every day but one. We hope that you have benefitted from this crash course in the True Way, and we hope you will share the understandings you have gained here. You will be the ones to carry the new Spirit of Love to your children, your neighbors, your colleagues and friends. These messages, which will continue, will provide the basis for new spiritual teachings which will be the foundation for the next thousand years. This week we celebrate the beginning of the New Golden Age - an Age of Enlightenment which will move far beyond the religious and moral teachings of the past.

"Dear Ones, we welcome your questions and your participation in these discussions - for this is the way we see them. We have asked Kathryn to begin a radio talk show in which she will channel our voice so that we can speak to you directly. Each week there will be one person who will be awarded a session to speak with me on the air, through a simple lottery system. I am taking this opportunity to announce the beginning of the show on Sunday, January 27th, at 3 PM Eastern Time. (This is news to Kathryn too.) It will feature original music from new artists, guest channelers, friends, and our channel, The Voice of Yahweh. If you have questions you would like us to respond to, please send them on to Kathryn through the web site in advance of the show, and we will answer as many as possible. 

"You will find our new radio show on BlogTalkRadio, on your computer. Look for the title of our show, 'Channel Panel.' During the broadcast, you will be given the call-in number to speak with us live. We are very excited to be taking part in this wonderful new adventure, and hope you will join us to hear the live show every Sunday. It will be rebroadcast Wednesday evenings. Stay tuned for further details.

"And now we wish you a glorious day filled with adventurous encounters, astonishing discoveries, and love at first sight. Until we speak in person, we are with you,

Your Mother/Father God, through Yahweh"

Via Kathryn May, Jan. 23, 11:30 PM

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