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Part 83, Why We Need To Elevate and Leave The Dark Hats Behind

"Tonight's message will be short because our channel has been traveling and it's very late, even for her. There will be breaking news, as you call it, very soon, but we are in a plateau period as everyone adjusts to the rising consciousness around them. You have noticed lately that there are two distinct streams in your culture - actually in almost all the cultures of the globe. There are those who have dedicated themselves to being better people, more generous, kinder to their family and even to strangers, who help out willingly when there is a disaster anywhere within reach. 

"Then there are the ones who have rededicated themselves to Darkness. You are well aware of the extreme acts of violence among those who are seriously mentally unbalanced and drugged with psychiatric medications, whose lives revolve around video game fantasies and handy assault weapons. These are lethal combinations. If you were to remove the first three elements, there would be few people left in the entire country who would be interested in either military-style weapons or violence. And there is another group, almost as far out of the mainstream as the first, who choose violence of another kind. They are the kill-joys, the trouble-makers, the rabble-rousers and obstructionists. They abhor anything that benefits others, or creates a sense of community and cooperation, because they fear any group of intelligent, creative people they cannot bully or control. Unfortunately, many of them have become more aggressive and belligerent, and a number of them have actually been elected to office in the U.S. The earmark of these agitators is an attitude of arrogant self-confidence, righteous indignation, and disregard for either truth or for the well-being of others. They are more interested in publicity than integrity, and they find glee in destroying the reputations and good work of others.

"Look around you; everywhere you can see these two extremes being acted out in opposition to one another. Here in the higher dimensions we refer to them as the Dark Hats and the White Hats, because we recognize that Darkness is an affectation, usually the result of childhood abuse, and the product is a morality play being acted out over the period of a short lifetime here on Gaia. As such, the Dark Hats contribute to the lesson plan, you might say, when we are offering dramatic challenges for our dear children who wish to evolve quickly. Most are able to see the error of their ways when they go through their review process at the end of each life, and often they become the most reliable White Hats in subsequent lifetimes. Because of this, we do not punish or look down on our Dear Ones who might be wearing the Dark Hat at this moment; we offer our Unconditional Love and comfort when they come Home to us to begin again. In fact, most of you, yes, even the Lightworkers have spent a lifetime on Gaia taking the role of the Dark Hat. It is one of the most powerful learning tools; it develops compassion and empathy in our children more quickly than any other lesson.

"Circumstances on Gaia had become extreme in recent years, however. As we have told you, there is a powerful and Dark group who had taken control of most of the planets wealth, including her natural resources, and were refusing to take part in the review and restoration process. The chasm between the elements of Light and Darkness on Gaia had become enormous, causing great suffering and an element of chaos which became increasingly difficult for those who wished to live honorably. The outcry from the White Hats and from Gaia herself caught the attention of your ancient ancestors from other galaxies as well as the Galactic Councils. It was agreed that it would be intolerable to permit the destruction of Gaia yet again, as happened at the end of Atlantis.

"That brings us to this most recent watershed moment in Gaia's history. The future still hangs in the balance, but this time it will be a choice between a good outcome and a superior one. You have leaped one timeline, raising your planet to a higher dimension. It will now be possible to leap across another boundary to raise yourselves up another step on the ladder. I am reviewing these things for you now because I want you to be able to see clearly what the stakes are now.

"The Dark Hats you see behaving badly now are choosing to remain in 3D. This means that as the consciousness of others rises, there will be a parting of the ways - Lightworkers moving to higher dimensions and Dark Hats moving downward to stay in the old, familiar atmosphere of competitiveness, violence and greed. You see, you are making a choice whether you realize it or not, because no one will simply remain as they were, because the environment around you is changing, and you will all move toward the atmosphere of your choice. We use the terminology 'up or down' because it is familiar to you. Dimensions are not actually up or down, higher or lower, except in their vibrational qualities, but it does feel that way, since reverting to 3D when your fellow travelers and compatriots are moving to higher vibrations would seem a demotion, or a come-down for most people, but remember, it is not interpreted that way to a Dark Hat, who relishes the challenge of life in a galactic ghetto, a swamp of disharmony and discord. 

"And so, Dear Ones, we urge you to continue your work of looking deeply within to rid yourselves of any attraction to the old 3-dimensional state, much of which reverberates to the atmosphere of Darkness which was pervasive on the planet for hundreds of years. You have asked for change and it has come. Now you must shake off the undertow which holds you captive to ancient practices and beliefs to separate yourselves from the Dark Hats who will predominate in the 3D creation of their imaginings. You, on the other hand, are capable of creating a Paradise on Earth. The only restriction is your own imagination and will to create the most glorious outcome you can dream. It will ultimately be the creation of your combined Vision which will determine how far and how fast you elevate to a place where a 3D being cannot intrude because the higher vibrational level will be unbearably unpleasant for them. When that time comes, you will not longer be threatened or bullied or compromised by the Dark Ones. Your freedom depends on you, all of you. 

"We wish you God-speed, Dear Ones, and we do not say that without understanding the deepest meaning of the expression. We are here with you always,

I Am That I Am"

Via Kathryn May, Jan. 17, 2012, 2 am.

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