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Part 85, Taking it Higher

"Do not cry, My Children; do not fear tomorrow. The atmosphere on Gaia is lifting, and it will carry you along with it. Your work is not done yet, though. You must continue to elevate, little by little, every day a bit more, because you will need to keep the pace with Gaia, whose glorious achievement will be felt more and more by those who are in harmony with the path of Light. You will begin to see the things you have envisioned and worked hard to accomplish suddenly coming to fruition, as if by magic. It is not magic, of course, it is the culmination of energies which you put into play, sometimes years ago. Those institutions and organizations which have been designed to contribute in important areas for the greater good, like the arts, medicine, child care and education will begin to flower even as the ashes of the old are still being looked upon with astonishment. You have known, but misunderstood the fact that We do indeed have the power to Create and to Destroy, but we do not use those powers in the profligate way you have imagined. We will help to destroy those toxic Cabal-owned institutions which have enslaved humans so that you can rebuild in a new, more egalitarian way because you have asked for this, prayed together to help create the New Gaia, and so you shall have it.

"The plan which would have brought immediate ascension to the 5th dimension was not accomplished, because it would have required that you make a timeline leap which would have required the kind of synchrony of which the Walendas would be proud. The alternative you chose will give you more time to gather your forces in a way that will embrace millions more on the planet. We are working hard to help you disseminate the information to larger populations who have not yet awakened, including the messages which We and other masters are channeling to Lightworkers in many varied forms. The messages you read here are an important part of that work toward Enlightenment, as is the book we wrote with Kathryn. You are among the first to take part in this project of bringing Light to all, but you will see this movement grow, as more and more people awaken to the Truth of what you read here, and understand that there is no other reason for presenting these messages but to help you achieve your own glorious Ascension in harmony with Gaia's most heart-felt desire and your own soul path.

"Do not hesitate, Dear Ones, to spread the word that there is new information and encouragement available to all, and that it will help you to clear away the old Boogie Man misconception of who God is and what life is really about. Copy and give our message from yesterday, 'Why Did You Choose This Life?' to all your friends and family. We only ask that you use it in its entirety, without deletions, and citing where you found this information, so that they can read further to fulfill their own pleasure and freedom.

"We will be taking a few days off to give our dear channel a rest. Use the time well, those of you who have been reading all the messages. Reread the ones that were especially meaningful to you, and the ones you weren't able to absorb completely at an earlier time. You will notice how your brain as well as your heart have begun to accept and organize the information differently. The more you read, the more comfortable and familiar (as in family) it begins to feel, and the more you will feel at home with the thoughts and feelings of the higher dimensions.

"You will now have to begin acclimating to a world where your dreams come true, where justice and fairness are in the ascendence, instead of the downward spiral into Darkness that was the trend over the past 30 years. The work you do now will set the stage for the next Ascension, this time to the 5th dimension. How long that will take depends entirely upon the progress that is made over the coming months, as you adjust to the current energies and begin pushing against the limits of the 4th. Rather than settling in, use this as a springboard to move higher. This time you will have more compatriots at your side, marching in time with the new drummer, who announces the glorious celebration of community, kinship and Light. 

"The next time, your ranks will be swelled by the numbers of people who have learned from this Ascension process, and who have seen it unfold into a life of fast-moving change for the better. You will be more sure of yourselves and more able to share your knowledge eloquently with others. There will be a merging of the fields of science and spirituality, as you can see beginning now with new discoveries in physics, archeology, biology and psychology. There will also be increasing acceptance of 'alternative healthcare,' which is really a rediscovery of ancient healing practices from around the globe made more accessible by world travel, research which reaches beyond the laboratories of pharmaceutical companies, and the technology of the internet. The rigid boundaries between fields of study, between cultures, and even between men and women will melt away in the face of successful collaboration and pollination across previously unchallenged barriers. In this rich mixing of knowledge and belief systems, the resistance to new ideas will melt away, leaving a more pragmatic approach to truth-finding. If our teachings free people to be more creative, more positive and far happier, there will be fewer doubters and '
skeptics' to stand in the way of common sense.

"And so you will move into the new year with the wind at your backs and a brilliant future ahead of you. We will continue to encourage you to push on, awaken the masses, dream big, reach higher, and fulfill your dreams. We will be here to beam Unconditional Love, and you will feel it warming you as never before, melting away old fears and despair and cleansing all in the Light of the New Era.

We love you, Dear Ones. It has always been so,

Yahweh, speaking for Light."

Via Kathryn May, Jan. 18, 1 am.

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