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Part 89, The New Matrix is Under Construction

"Tonight the planet celebrates the first day of the officially inaugurated Golden Age, with the inauguration of Barach Obama to his second and most important term. At this point, he will begin to show the world what his leadership has been intended to create: the fulfillment of the Great Hope of Democracy, the United States of America. There have been many struggles, many fits and starts, but the destiny of this country is with the Light, and it will be so as we move forward into a new era. Yes, there will be some obstruction, some more lies and obfuscation, but the tide has truly turned for all of you. 

"The promise of freedom as it was intended by the Founding Fathers was much more than the permission to own guns or to say anything you want any time you want on any subject, no matter how rude or deceitful or cruel. No, the intentions of the greatest of them was to provide the culture of Light within which every person would be able to reach their true potential, where no prejudice could prevent any individual from rising to their highest level of accomplishment, dignity and respect, and where all opportunity would be equally available to all the people.

"Celebrate, My Children, join together to share the joy of knowing there is a Council of helpers from every dimension, some here in bodies, many participating fully with the leaders and teachers among you who are completely aware of our presence. We are in constant communication with your dear President, whose knowledge of the workings of the world goes far beyond the confines of your planet. He has patiently held back, waiting for the developments which are now unfolding, but now he will wait no longer. It was a joyful occasion for all of us as we watched with pride as he addressed the millions who hung on his fascinating words - the new Declaration of Independence, more than 200 years since the beginning of this glorious experiment in freedom.

"Let us now communicate across the dimensions - you who are reading this and others whom you will encourage. Open your hearts and your minds, and you will clearly hear the voices of your Guides and helpers. They are there, talking to you just as your partner or your friend does. There are now people teaching the techniques which will help you to develop your intuitive skills, those deep places of knowing where your most receptive abilities have lain dorment all your lives. Ask Kathryn to teach the Visual Centering technique, which opens the pineal, the third eye and the fontanel, creating the necessary matrix for multi-dimensional Vision. We have asked her today to include the sound vibrations of ancient Peruvian whistles which will activate the hearing part of the equation and awaken the rest of the brain for the most powerful entrance into a new and creative capacity, beyond the brain you are used to experiencing. 

"We are encouraging you to make a quantum leap into new abilities, new ways of using your brain which go far beyond the everyday thinking you are used to. It is not impossible, Children. You are being recalibrated for the job. Now you need to leave behind the familiar limitations of your 3-Dimensional brain, for you have entered a 4-Dimensional world. Your abilities are increasing, just as they did when you were 14 or 15 years old and you discovered conceptual thinking. Now it will be thinking which allows non-linear conceptual reasoning, and even more - the ability to see and hear just as the medium who brings you these messages has done. Each one of you will begin to observe fleeting images - at first out of the corner of your eye, then in full color in your dreams, then more fully in your waking hours. Your sensitivities are increasing, for sensitivity is the foundation of higher levels of intelligence. You will need to work hard to undo the habits of many years of subduing your most brilliant intelligence through television watching, alcohol and drug consumption and memorization of large amounts of trivial material. These are the accrued accumulation of the equivalent of intellectual fat cells which will respond to the new brain work-out which is genuine reasoning. 

"The new thinking bears little resemblance to the old style of thought, which is based mostly in descriptions of the things you can see and touch. New thinking involves the deep understanding of symbols, metaphors and poetic references which resonate in the heart and soul. It engages many areas of the brain at one time - a new experience for many people, who are just beginning to learn multi-tasking. The new brain-as-multi-tasker will provide greater versatility and deeper understanding, and will find a welcome with those of you who have always learned better in a multimedia way. You will begin to recognize your multimedia brain as the tremendous resource it is.

"Your bodies too will change. Although many of you have been ill during the past few weeks, recovery and healing will come, and with it a new kind of health and well-being. Your bodies need to detoxify and prepare for the greater healing powers which are being activated. Can you imagine complete health - the absence of disease? You will begin, even in this overly stressed body, to feel greater resilience and strength. To appreciate these changes, you must let go of the old aches and pains.

"Do not insist that an old allergy or lingering illness must remain as it has always been. Illnesses have been, in the past era, simply an expression of imbalance in the body, usually brought on or aggravated by fear, or as you call it, 'stress.' The same will hold true for moodiness, depression or bouts of high-intensity anxiety. Notice any time you say 'MY depression,' or 'MY arthritis,' or 'MY migraines.' These ailments do not belong to you, nor do they define you. They are remnants of a destructive culture-based lifestyle in which people were told by the sickness establishment that an illness generally indicates a seriously defective foundation or a weakened immunity, and is therefore inevitable.

'Here is the message for today, Dear Ones: Nothing is inevitable. Not even death and taxes. Prepare for new health, new prosperity, new peace of mind, and new ways of thinking. Do not cling to the formulas for living you worked so hard to hone and put in place. The New Age will be the Age of the Heart, not the beta brain. It may yet sound impossible to you, but much of what you see around you that appears familiar and predictable is just the leftover reflection of old expectations and projected fantasies.

"This will be the first year of a new order. Those who are able to be open-minded and truly free because of their solid soul connection will feel the changes first and will reap the reward with great joy. Awaken to the glorious music. Claim your place at the party. It's going to be a fabulous ride.

With all our Love, Mother/Father God"

Via Kathryn May, Jan. 23, 2013, 1 am

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