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Part 82, Easier Times Ahead. and Dealing With Continuing Ascension Symptoms

"Today we will talk about the long and winding road which leads you Home, for all of you in bodies now on Gaia. For those in your adult years, having already lived through many challenges, disappointments and frustrations, the year to come is going to be one of amazing ease. You are used to the atmosphere of 3-dimensionality, which often felt like trying to walk through ankle-deep mud. You often lost a shoe, or fell on your faces in the mud, or ended up dragging yourselves on your hands and knees to higher ground, but always you persevered, and always you found your way out of the quagmire eventually. Well, for you those days are over. Those of you who are reading these words have already taken a quantum leap out of the world of the quagmires and into the higher dimension where people behave decently toward one another and desires are fulfilled without having to drag the weight of the world, literally, along with you.

"Oh, yes, there will still be people who prefer to remain in the old struggles, or at least still re-imagine the struggles of old as if they were still the norm. There will still be challenges for everyone, but they will be challenges because you are stretching the boundaries, reaching for miracles on an everyday basis. Those of you who have sailed through the Earth Changes with a minimum of misery and a maximum of excitement will be gratified to know that the continuation of the energy flow which has inundated Gaia in the past weeks and months will continue, but for you the most radical adjustments have already been made.

"Many of you continue to feel exhaustion, the need for many extra hours of sleep. This will gradually taper off as your energy rises to match the new day - the electomagnetic vibration of Gaia in 4D. Do not fret if you feel continued shifts and changes in your brain - your vision and hearing especially. You may feel some aches or fleeting pains in bones and joints. This is not serious; it is a symptom of the DNA changes which are taking place in your body, and which will be felt first in the immune system and your bones. This process will be going on for some time into the coming year. Naturally, we could not expect you to tolerate the changing of your bodies to a crystalline base in a moment or a day. These are enormous changes in the overall experience of having a body. Of course the children will adapt most easily, since they are already experiencing bodies that change day by day.

"For now, you will need to adopt the philosophical approach which allows you to say, 'All right, whatever changes for the better you have in store for me, bring it on,' and you will sail through the changes with a minimum of discomfort. Those who insist that 'nothing changed' are the ones who will frequent the doctor's offices with incessant complaints, insisting that there is something wrong with their bodies. There is nothing wrong. All is continuing exactly as it should, and those of you who are adapting quickly will find yourselves ready to continue to leap higher yet, to transition to the 5th dimension and higher while you simultaneously remain in your 4D body. We will discuss this option in later messages.

"Now, about the headaches most of you have been experiencing. This is a direct response to the expansion happening in your brain, especially in the area of the third eye. Your perception will be increasing so that you can more easily see beyond the Veil. Where you might have earlier felt a presence near you, you may begin to catch a glimpse of something out of the corner of your eye, or think for a moment you see something moving near you. You are not imagining things, you are just seeing more of what is really there, just beyond your 3-Dimensional eyesight.

"Your guides and ancestors are always with you, you just have not been able to see them, and your training has taught you not to believe anything if you can't see it. This will change, as more and more people are acknowledging their connections to their loved ones in spirit. It will no longer be considered weird or a form of insanity for people to acknowledge that they talk with Us, or even see us. There are already many among you who do; they just are shy about acknowledging their close and loving relationships with Us for fear of disdain from others. Soon, channeling God's voice will be a mainstream phenomenon, and then Kathryn won't have to spend so much time typing these messages! :) So, as with the other physical symptoms, breathe gently, massage your temples, open the blood vessels which carry oxygen to your brain, and ride it out. You will be happy with the results.

"The important thing for you now will be to proceed with patience, where your physical adaptation is concerned, and with hope and optimism where manifesting your vision is concerned. It is becoming easier every day for people of The Way to make contact with each other, to share resources, talents, knowledge and opportunities. You will find a new synergy which allows for the sharing of information and manpower, celebrating the power of joining forces with others of like mind, and creating magic together. Fear of competition which might steal or destroy your creations will subside, although in the interim it will still be important for our newly minted 4D children to protect and nurture one another. The forces of Darkness are waning, but still hold some power to disrupt or interfere. So, proceed carefully for the time being, putting in place precautions which would be appropriate for 3D, but planning to fulfill the most ambitious of your projects with 4D assistance. By this we mean enthusiastic cooperation, synergistic connections, and new levels of generosity of spirit in the collaborators who will sometimes appear, seemingly out of nowhere.

"Do not fear this new cooperation. Do not bring your old fears and paranoia along for the ride. It will only cause you to miss opportunities and delay successes. Allow your exuberance and boundless creativity free reign when you are with your trusted collaborators, but continue to play your cards a bit close to the chest, as they say, until we can assure you that the Cabal has been clearly brought under control. We do not wish that any of our dear children be disrupted or threatened unnecessarily by the persistent Dark Ones who are still clinging desperately to their illusory power. 

"It is a time in which the old organizations which controlled the planet are in the death throes, but this makes them even more vicious, until they realize the jig is up. (We love to play with your slang.) At that time, you can expect to see them capitulate, and the ones who still have even a thread of Heart will probably beg for forgiveness. As we have said, prepare yourselves for huge revelations of evil-doings and huge generosity and forgiveness on your parts. Not all the Cabal members started out to be control-freaks and selfish manipulators. Many of them began with charity in their hearts but were seduced and co-opted by the temptations of power and great wealth. It is time for them to reform, to adapt to the new energies and necessities of life on Gaia. It has happened before that the greatest advocate for peace and justice is the convert to Faith. Remember the story of the slave trader who had a change of heart and wrote 'Amazing Grace,' which became an anthem for Faith and Freedom. Do not expect it, or be taken in by false apologies or promises, but expect miracles nevertheless.

"Things are proceeding beautifully where the ascension of Planet Earth is concerned. You are all learning to adapt to the 4th dimension. Many of you have hardly noticed the change yet, but you are feeling it nevertheless. You find yourselves going out of your way to be friendly or helpful in a way you would have felt shy about doing in the past. Others are doing the same, and it is becoming contagious. Those who aspired to the transition to the 5th dimension are continuing on their paths to experience 5th dimensional feelings and experiences even while remaining in the 4th for the purpose of carrying out the work they are here for at this moment.

"We are grateful for the growing numbers of Lightworkers who are patiently teaching those around them to reach for deeper meaning and deeper connection. Your work is not unnoticed. The vibration you carry is taking hold and is lifting others even as you lift yourselves to higher and more joyful planes of experience. Keep going, Dear Ones. You have nothing to lose by turning that next corner, for the gifts we have in store for you will delight you beyond imagining.

"We are here for you always,

Your Yahweh et al."

Via Kathryn May, Jan. 15, 2013, 11 pm.

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