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Part 88, Civilization Five, Planet Earth

"Dear Children, We would like to talk with you about the growing need for Torchbearers and Lightworkers to come out of the shadows and shine, for all the world to see. It will be possible now because since Dec. 21, there are many, many more people who are awakening to a new sense of spirituality, but are afraid to mention it to those around them for fear they will be considered 'crazy.' It has been an unfortunate duality in your culture that spirituality has been seen as the opposite of rationality. It absolutely is not, except in the strictest definition of the words alone. Science is not the opposite of spirituality, although it has thankfully opposed some of the most irrational and cruel practices which fell under the rubric of 'religion,' like burning people at the stake as witches. Science itself is not to blame for the rigid and - I must say irrational - stance against Faith. In fact, the greatest scientists, the most imaginative and original ones, have all been deeply connected to their own Greater Souls and Guides, which allowed them to look into the Universal wisdom and understand, and then apply that understanding to their scientific pursuits.

"This approach - searching deeply for the Universal Truths while simultaneously learning the basics of one's science - is the creative mindset which leads to great discoveries and inventions. (One without the other leads to impracticable fantasies or pedantic narrow-mindedness.) It is a stance toward work and life which will produce the great works of the Golden Age. 

"Knowledge is a wonderful thing, when it is used in the service of others, but knowledge without Heart spawns abominations. Take for instance the robot doctor who cannot look at or touch his patients but can only spout the probabilities that symptoms X and Y lead to a diagnosis of Z in 85% of cases, therefore you have Z and should take drug A because it is successful in treating Z in 70% of cases. Now, given this 'scientific' approach, you have been hustled into a drug treatment which has a less than 60% rate of success, (barely better than chance) and probably risks numerous serious side-effects. (You know that list.)

"The truly skillful and artful work requires thorough training, an open heart, an open mind, and a connection to Spirit, for it is the heart and soul at work which creates magic, whether it is in healing, teaching, the fine arts, scientific research, or great inventiveness. 

"Who among you has practiced this skill of perfecting the academic and technical elements of your art - or your artful craft - while also purposefully remaining open to guidance and inspiration from beyond the Veil? Are you raising your hand? Then it shall be you who will lead, you who will be the teachers of this balanced approach to Enlightenment and Wisdom. You are the ones who will be the model for the new Artist-Scholars who will Create the new structures, the new institutions, and the new technology for the Golden Age. What advancements will be possible when you are able to truly open your hearts to collaboration, with Us and with each other? What remedies for social discontent will become apparent when you are able to tap into the wisdom of millions of years of advanced civilizations at the far reaches of the galaxies, but as near and accessible as a thought-wave? 

"You are the inspired ones, My Dear Children, who have the curiosity and openness to read these messages and absorb their meaning. You have sensed the Truth behind the words and have felt the excitement of envisioning a better world. You have already begun to dream the dream of a great civilization built on true equality in every area of life. Prosperity will follow, since it is the product of shared effort. Your politicians who think you can achieve prosperity by eliminating debts are making up a tale based in meanness and unconcern for those in need. Of course this cannot work, because it is based in Darkness and divisiveness. Generosity leads to Prosperity. The Universal Law of Flow leads to prosperity: give first, and great fulfillment will come to you. It may not be in the form of money; there are all kinds of prosperity. You will learn to experience riches beyond your dreams in the coming years.

"I speak to you today, on the day of the great inauguration of the Sirian Commander to the Presidency of the U.S. It is the beginning of a new era of Understanding and Love. His Inaugural Address called for all the great virtues to be embodied in the leaders and citizens of the country and raised the Golden Flame of community, Love and sharing on the path toward greater freedom and greater responsibility. Enumerating the names of famous civil rights struggles (Selma, Stonewall and Seneca Falls) cast a bright light on the great milestones of the past which symbolize progress toward genuine democracy in the country which has opened the eyes of the world to what might be possible in the future. 

"You have not yet achieved that great civilization for which you have laid the first stones. It is now the time of clearing away the remnants of failed experiments - the crumbled Empires, the cruel Fascism, the Communism enforced by despotism, and oligarchy masquerading as democracy. You have not yet built your pyramids or sent your spaceships to other galaxies, but your time has come, and this time you will accomplish the greatness without sacrificing honor. You have vowed as a people to move together this time, shaping a new and highly evolved civilization of Light and Love. The boundaries of this great experiment have not yet been determined. It will be entirely up to you as you now enter the new era of great change.

"It is you, my Dear Ones, who will build the cities of Light, and you who will invent the new art forms, architectural marvels and life sustaining technologies which will enhance life by preserving your dear Gaia as you also sustain your soul growth, your friendships and your loving communities. And so it will be as you, the ones who manifest Dreams, will create it. 

We celebrate your glorious adventure with anticipation and joy,

Your Yahweh"

Via Kathryn May, Jan.22, 2013, 1 am.

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