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Part 86, Mysteries of the Universe, Explained

"Now, let's talk about the mysteries of the Universe. They aren't mysteries to Us, of course, but they are to humans in body form. For millennia, you have come to Earth with the agreement that there would be a Veil between you and the memory of where you came from and why. It served the purpose of allowing you to exercise complete free will, and also to avoid the direct memory of past lives, because they might have influenced your relationships and interactions in this lifetime. In other words, each life was to be a fresh start, as much as was possible, although you still have the potential to access to feelings of connection with beings in other dimensions, and your soul memories of past lives seep through via your heart and intuitive connections.

"So, for the most part, life is a mysterious blank slate for most people, who come into adulthood having learned to believe only in what they can see and touch. They call this being a 'skeptic' or 'being practical.' Unfortunately, it also leaves them out of touch with the Guides and Masters who can be most reassuring and most helpful, by giving them information of the sort I am about to offer. The Veil has lifted; more and more people are awakening to the fact that there is indeed a life after life here on Gaia. There are billions of souls actively working, creating, and very much alive beyond the dimension you are living in. Some are in bodies similar to yours, others in various alternative forms, just as you have animals, fish, insects and plants in your world. Many are as intelligent, in terms of brain power, as you are, and some are far more advanced spiritually, intellectually and technologically. This is not intended to be what you call a put-down of you; far from it. You are looked upon fondly by the Light beings of the entire firmament because of your pluck, determination and enormous creativity. You are known as the Creator Race because of you ingenuity - not always used for the greater good, but ingenuity nevertheless.

"The evolution on Gaia has been a dramatic one, and not slow by galactic terms. Yours is the fourth major civilization to inhabit Earth, and the first one to evolve effectively to a higher vibrational level. It has been an effort which began when Gaia was a new-born planet, the Paradise where angels could frolic in physical form, experiencing the taste and touch and smell of being alive in a new way, in the most beautiful environment ever known. Gaia has always been admired as the Blue Planet, and renowned for her breath-taking landscapes and wondrous variety of flora and fauna, as you all know if you have traveled at all. It was by agreement with the human souls who wished to remain with Gaia and also learn the most intensively effective lessons, that it was decided that Gaia would descend into a very heavy lower 3D vibrational level. This proving ground for souls was also to include an across-the-board duality system of Dark and Light, enclosed within a finite system of time/space experience. To accommodate this, the human brain and body were adapted to perceive a limited reality - the one inside their 3-dimensional sphere.

"Let me give you examples to make this clearer. Your two-lobed brain is well-adapted to survival in a world which can be divided up into segments of light (day) and dark (night). This encouraged you to observe time as if it were linear, one day following another predictably and in order. It was also designed to allow you to experience space in a limited 3-dimensional way. Your eyes register size, distance, shade and color in such a way that you are adept at measuring the environment around you, seeing objects as solid and permanent, when in fact there is much empty space between the molecules that make up all the matter around you. 

"For instance, it is inconceivable to you that you could move through the walls or windows that surround you, but those of us in higher dimensions are more suited, in our lightbodies, to passing through the spaces between, which feels perfectly normal to us. The tiny amount of matter, compared to the amount of 'dark matter,' or fluid space, is no obstruction for us. Because we experience ourselves as coherent, as you do, even though we do not have solid physical bodies, we are not disassembled or disrupted by passing through a field of molecules, whatever the object might be made of, and out the other side, just as you would pass through a gentle breeze without losing your sense of physical integrity. This is the reason people see 'ghosts' walking through walls and appearing seemingly out of nowhere. These are simply humans in spirit form who have not yet transitioned to higher dimensions but linger close to the Earth plane because they are afraid or reluctant to move on, or they have unfinished business with the people they left behind. Occasionally, these spirit beings are disoriented or 'lost' because of a sudden traumatic death. They often find help from intuitives who are able to detect their trauma and help them to move toward the Light to come Home to Us where healing and greater understanding are available.

"The Veil has created this mystery of existence for you, who have forgotten that you were once in spirit form, capable of soaring at the speed of thought and passing through 'solid' objects at will. You have also forgotten the experience of manifesting what you wish to create by the power of your thoughts and your will. And you have forgotten that We, your loving Creators, were present at your soul birth and have watched lovingly over your progress individually and as a race throughout your many incarnations. Some of you have been with your fellow humans here on Gaia for most of your lives; others have come to Gaia only occasionally to take part in the unfolding drama of growth and to experience the challenges that only Gaia can provide. All have witnessed the descent of young Gaia into heavier and darker energies over the eons, until she reached this darkest, heaviest time of conflict, violence, greed and materialism. All the while, however, there has been a counterforce of Lightworkers, some of whom might have been on the side of Darkness in a former life or two, but who returned to keep the torches of hope burning, showing the way to a brighter, kinder future.

"Even as the Darkness descended, and the numbers of Dark Entities multiplied to become a powerful force for evil on the planet, as we have explained earlier in our messages about the Dark Hats and Fallen Angels. Never did the numbers of Dark Hats outnumber Light Hats, but their influence became a serious impediment to peaceful community life or international cooperation. The Dark Hats have been behind the instigation of every major war, and have profited by playing both sides in every conflict. Meanwhile, it became more difficult for Lightworkers to have a definitive positive effect on the flow of life, and so many fell into feelings of despair, and many went to sleep, although their soul plan may have been to come here to help out.

"When the Sleeping Giant - the great number of hard-working souls who had become discouraged and might even have succumbed temporarily to Dark thoughts, feelings and actions - were pushed to the limits of their patience, and the spiritiual awakening began following the Harmonic Convergence, a new sense of hope emerged. The speed with which your forward motion accelerated was truly remarkable. In less than 30 years, the light-quotient has risen as if the newly-released suppressed energy were like gunpowder in a cannon, catapulting the entire planet into a New Age. You are now in 4D. That means that you will soon develop the abilities of walking through objects that were previously seen as solid, and manifesting your dreams through the will of your heart and soul. You will begin to see Us, first out of the corner of your eye, then later as the Lightbodies we are, although we sometimes like to present ourselves in robes or costumes in full regalia, just for fun, or to make it easier for you to relate to us.

"Although you have become so accustomed to expecting 3D experience, and your brains are not yet sufficiently modified by the forces of LIght energy to allow complete perception of your 4D environment, it will come. The spiritually evolved among you will go first - demonstrating powers of manifestation or levitation which would have been considered a hoax or a fraud in the past. The children who have not been trained otherwise will see and hear and experience life in 4-dimensional terms, as their elders struggle to overcome old prejudicial ways of thinking and believing. The year 2013 will indeed be the beginning of a wondrous upsurge, in terms of the balance of Light and Dark on the planet. You have passed through the Dark Ages and are now entering the New Golden Age, which we promise will be a time of wonders and delight for anyone who can open their hearts and their minds to completely new experiences.

"Many of the Masters and Guides are practically giddy with expectation and delight over here, just across the dissolving boundary which divides the dimensions. We are delighted because you are continuing to move, to gain speed even, in your elevation to higher and higher vibrational frequencies. Each day brings a slight shift in the tone, each moment a slight but perceptible ascension, like a scale with 1000 notes being played in ascending tones. To us it is like the sound of angels singing. We look forward with anticipation to the moment when you lift yourselves on high and land, all together, right here in the 5th dimension where Light and Unconditional Love reign free. We do not count days or months as linear time the way you do since we are outside the Earth plane of finite space/time perception, as we described above, so we do not like to set dates. We will only say that we see it coming, and that you are making it happen.

"Continue your good work, my Dear Children. Bring your Light and Love to every encounter. Live fully, with a light heart, and your soul will sing. Work diligently within yourselves to leave behind the old fears which kept you bound in feelings of distrust and anger. Cast off the old pain, self-doubt and Darkness, and you can fly!

"We anticipate an astonishing year for each and every one, and dumbfoundingly astonishing for those who enter into the Universal Flow. Add your Light to the rising tide, and you will all match your vibration to your dear Mother Gaia who is already gleefully experiencing the delights of life in 5D and above.

Lift your hearts and your voices and sing, Dear Ones. It is a time of celebration and good will. This year the Holidays will last until September, and then we will have further amazements in store for you.

With Love and Light,


Via Kathryn May, Jan 20, 12 am.

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