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Part 87, Uncovering Conspiricies, Redefining Culture, and Making Love Not War

"Yes, things are really changing fast. Do not rely on the mass media to give you information about the true state of the world. They are still caught up in reporting every violent act, every shooting and every celebrity wardrobe malfunction they can uncover. It does not tell you anything about what is really happening. There are good internet sources where real news and pictures from around the world are pouring in to inform everyone of the conditions on the ground. There are also reputable spiritual forums where channelings are posted and investigative reporters continue to uncover real news about the exposure of underhanded dealings on the part of the Cabal, as you have called them.

"There are now many documentaries about the mounting evidence that 9/11 was in fact a false flag operation to create an excuse for going to war, and the recent entries into the field of investigation include Jesse Ventura, the flamboyant Governor who is tying together the evidence of several conspiracies, all committed by the same network of power-hungry political and banking and military officials and their flunkies. The truth will set you free, as he repeats often. It has taken 50 years for people to come forward, in some cases, to tell what they know about the assassination of JFK, and many are still trying to be heard who were eyewitnesses to extremely incriminating events around the 9/11 attacks. It is only a matter of time now before the weight of evidence tips the scale, and those who have been afraid for their lives will feel there is safety in numbers and will speak out.

"These are all very positive developments, because the U.S. citizenry has been confused and discouraged about ever being able to trust its political leaders, because many have been complicit in former administrations, and cover-ups have been the standard procedure in past years. Frankly, we have advised the current administration not to take a public stand yet in regard to the prosecution of the most powerful leaders of the Cabal. It was a deadly pursuit for the Kennedys and for so many others who have challenged them, and we did not feel it would be beneficial yet to make a move, until the weight of evidence has been disseminated to the people. There are many in private life now who will pick up the banner and will pursue the truth. The more of these investigators there are, the safer it becomes for all. Then, the American people will finally see justice and a cleansing of the Darkness which has overshadowed public life.

"Now, what is your part in elevating the consciousness of the planet concerning the resolution of these modern conspiracies which are far more than theory? Do your part by educating yourself so that you can speak intelligently about the questions which have not been answered. Watch the videos about 9/11 - each one brings new light and questions to the table. Question the research, the propaganda and the stories on both sides, and do not forget to consider that those who are pursuing investigations have much to lose, and that cover-ups are always a sign of wrong-doing. Always question why evidence has been destroyed, ignored, or hidden, and look to who has profited by the suppression of evidence and by the commission of the crimes.

"It has been so repugnant for Americans to even consider that the leaders they have voted for and respected might in fact be mass murderers, that they have been willing to believe the most unlikely propaganda, like the idea that buildings would just fall down of their own accord, and that for the first time in history black box recorders from four airplanes disappeared, and that a poorly-trained motley crew with box cutters could have outsmarted the most technically sophisticated, efficiently designed national defense system on the planet for several hours, when the average response time for hundreds of previous highjacking threats had been less than 10 minutes.

"We will only remind you to look to your own emotional responses to these idea, and examine your own tendency to deny Darkness when it is close to you. This is not simply a matter of believing or not believing someone's theory. It is a serious example of the need for clearing away of old evils, evil-doers, and also the tendency for many to hide their eyes and cover their ears because the truth is so painful that it is easier to pretend it doesn't exist. Freedom has always required that good people remain awake, and that everyone insist that the public description of events actually match the sensory evidence being presented. 

"This message is not actually about politics or conspiracies. It is about the need for each and every one to awaken to their own willingness to cover up, redefine or white-wash behavior which suggests a lack of integrity, a tendency to manipulate or lie to others, and especially to subdue others with the threat of holding power over them. It is a very personal failing for many humans to make apologies for the people close to them who have behaved badly, especially when the bad behavior is toward themselves. How many abused women have said, 'But I love him...' about the man who later killed her? How many children have defended their parents, even after they have been beaten and starved? 

"It is part of your human nature to try to deny evil, especially in the early phases of soul development. It is often the seasoned, older souls who are willing to 'call it like it is,' without trying to hide from the truth. They have seen from the experience of many lifetimes that pretending evil does not exist is an invitation for it to breed and multiply. Here on Gaia, you are going through great change in this regard. It will no longer be acceptable for people to cheat one another and call it 'just business,' or for friends and lovers to casually mistreat each other without apology. 

"Insensitivity to another's plight, rudeness on the part of people who are supposed to provide help for others, and the disregard of children's basic need for affection and warmth will become a thing of the past, if you begin now. But this time, it will not be a movement toward fighting evil with rose-colored glasses. Goodness is not weakness. Kindness is not vulnerability, and evil is not power. In order to defeat abuse, the defender must see themselves as carrying a power greater than evil. That power is Light.

"You each have it within you to begin to redefine the underlying belief system which bows to the power of the bully, the warmonger and the well-heeled thief. It has persisted as an unconscious theme throughout the generations that might makes right, and to the victor go the spoils. You have entered a New Era, and with it must come a new system of beliefs and behavior. In the New Gaia, civility will reign, friendship will flourish across all boundaries, and children will be able to play freely in the streets and parks without fear of abuse or molestation. When the time comes that all children are raised with tenderness and Unconditional Love, there will be no mental illness as you know it now, and no interest in guns or violence as a hobby or entertainment.

"Begin now, My Children, to rewrite your stories and songs, to insist on movies without barbarism and neighborhoods without fear. Reach out to offer friendship and support to someone less fortunate than yourself, thereby elevating your own vibration and theirs. Learn to dance in the streets, play an instrument, no matter how simple it might be, and sing out loud. Make love every chance you get, and hold your loved ones close to your heart. It is the beginning of a new day.

"We will celebrate every small victory, and support you with Love every step of the way,

We are Mother/Father God"

Via Kathryn May, Jan. 20, 2013, 11 pm.

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