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Part 95, Charity Begins At Home

"Now let us ponder how far you have all come in the past year. Look back, and review - not the size of your bank account or the number of presents you received for Christmas, but the moments of objective self-examination, the acts of kindness, and the efforts to raise your consciousness when faced with old ideas, old thoughts, and old prejudices. Notice how many of the beliefs you took for granted have been shaken or completely left behind. Gauge whether you have learned to remain calm under pressure more effectively, and whether you are able to be patient and loving with those who are younger, less experienced or less educated than you are. These are all important measures of your Light-quotient, as we have called it.

"What goes into learning to be more patient, for instance? Are you aware of the connection to your spiritual development? Knowledge is power, in this case. You may have seen more deeply how important this life is in the scheme of things, how important an impact you have on those around you. You may have also accepted, once and for all, that this life is just a small segment of the life you have lived, in a body or in spirit, over centuries. And yet it is a glorious opportunity to learn, to grow and elevate yourself as you fulfill your soul path. The second truth you may have absorbed more deeply, if you have been reading these messages, is the importance of service to others. This, above all, defines the life you live in the eyes of Spirit. We are concerned with Creation and with Love. The things you create during this life - the relationships you build, the art and music you create or support, the community structures you develop and nurture, whether they be buildings or institutions, and the Love you offer to the people around you - these are the lasting contributions of a soul in ascendance. 

"Yes, of course you have to pay the rent and put food on the table, but those responsibilities would not weigh so heavily and absorb so many hours of your week if the job you performed were not seen as the proof of your worth, the definition of who you are. You are all aware of the phenomenal waste that is produced by your consumer lifestyle, but it is a difficult decision for one in the modern world to acknowledge that a second TV set in a home is not only a luxury, it is a monumental waste of time and money. Children are social creatures, and should never be isolated in a room alone with a television set. Look to your ancestors and their social ways for guidance in how you might change your view of what entertainment really is. Study the people of the South Seas, or the Native Americans to appreciate the integral way in which art, music, celebration and song were woven into daily life. These are the activities that make the heart sing, not sitting alone in a dark room.

"Many of you ask: What job shall I try to find that will fulfill my path? We say: None. Chances are that if you are being paid for the work, then it is not in the service of others and therefore cannot be considered soul development. This may seem a radically different way to look at your life, but that just indicates how far from a spiritual life your teachings have taken you. Material pursuits are by definition not spiritual pursuits. Of course, holding a position which helps others to have a better life is very nice, but it is not sufficient to completely fulfill an ambitious soul contract. Those relationships where you are able to give from the heart, express compassion and forgiveness, are the true meaning of service. Who you are in the context of the work environment is more important than the work itself. Being a kind and considerate boss, or an employee who goes out of your way to help someone else when they are in need of it is far more important than how much money you earn for the corporation you work for, or how much they pay you.

"Listen always to the sound of your voice. Scrutinize the tone you use when you speak to children and to the people who serve you in stores and restaurants, to eliminate any trace of impatience, disrespect, belittlement or superiority. These are the pursuits of a soul on the path of the True Way.

"We have promised you lessons which will help you to move beyond the chains of organized religions. This is what we are doing now. We will teach you by the example of how we listen to you, how we respond to you with Love and Understanding, and how we support and encourage you on your way to greater Enlightenment. We will give you examples, as we did in the paragraphs above, but we will not give you rules or dogma.

"We are not interested in sin or 'redemption.' We will help you to improve your attitude, change the way you treat others, and to learn the rich life of warmth and companionship which comes with service to others. We will not make up regulations and proclamations for you to memorize and follow. This is what is wrong with the state of religion today. In your hearts you know what is right and what is wrong. There are simple feelings which guide you truly, if they remain intact from childhood. Guilt is not one of them. Guilt is an imposed, confused feeling based in fear. So - fear, guilt and shame are emphatically not good measures of right or wrong actions. They are socially inflicted, from the outside in, and therefore not reliable guides. Heart emotions guide us by putting into an immediately recognizable expression the meaning of the experience at hand.

"Let me explain. If you are an adult who is contemplating whether you want to continue in relationship with another person, you are aware in your intuition/soul/heart feelings that approaching the person from a feeling of vengeance or retaliation is not a decent way to end a partnership of any kind. This is not only 'burning your bridges,' it would be inflicting unnecessary pain on the other. But you feel justified, you might say, Yes, but justifying an act of unkindness is not decent, and it is a low-level Dark energy action. This is a very different scenario from one in which a person is trying to attack you physically, or trying to discredit you publicly, for instance. That would require self-defense actions tailored to protect yourself without inflicting undue harm on the other. Notice - we are looking to eliminate aggression, not normal self-protection. This is a distinction which is difficult for many of you, especially those who are inclined toward self-contempt and self-hatred.

"So, let us begin our lessons in the True Way with one simple guideline: Eliminate all hatred from your heart and your mind, and replace it with Love.

"We speak not only of your relations with others; we emphasize here as we did in Kathryn's book: You cannot consider yourself a good person or an evolved person if you think or say disparaging things about yourself. You are a person too, and deserve decent treatment. Let us be clear: We do not care what you have done in the past, when you work to bring yourself to the state of Grace we call Unconditional Love. Every soul is born in Love, was christened with tears of joy, and is of equal value to every other soul that has ever been created. We want you to join with us in Love and Light, and look forward to that time with great expectation. We wish to see you grow and evolve, to increase your Light. That is all that is important. It is to that end that we encourage and teach you, Our Dear Children.

"Begin by evaluating carefully the quality of your own relationship with yourself, and do as you would with others along your spiritual path. Behave decently, with compassion, and be of service to the greater good of this soul that is You.

"We look forward to our work together as this historic year unfolds,

Mother/Father God"

Via Kathryn May, Jan. 28, 2013, 7 pm.

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